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Feb 24, 2008


Justin beat death. How did he do it?
It was an unpredictable turn of events, considering he had been expected to expire by 2007.

Oct 24, 2005


There is no news. I realized mv and I are the only channel operator left. Not that there's really much need for channel operation. Does anyone ever look at this site? What can I do here.
Oh yeah there is news. The forums disappeared several months ago.

Jul 11 2004


We have forums now. I don't know why. There's a big link you can click on though if you want to go there and write stuff.

Jul 7 2004


Here we go. You want it, you got it. That's right, my friends, stats from the period of March to June have been organized and analysed and are now being displayed in a vaguely amusing page that you can see here.

Mar 25 2004


New Incredible Space Dracula story is up.

Mar 13 2004


I decided to do stats again. Looks like I top it since I sometimes get disconnected which makes the log incomplete, and also I've barely had a job most of the time so I've got nothing better to do a lot of the time anyway.
I need to come up with a better design for the whole damn fun section I think. It's a bit annoying. Maybe it's not so bad really, maybe it's just that we need some updates here. Since I just said I have nothing to do all the time, I guess I'd better put my comedy hat on. That usually involves altering random pictures in Photoshop or something.
Ever notice how the people who ask me to to put up their picture on the fun page are invariably the ones who don't even stick around? So from now on no one who asks to be put up on there will be. I've got better things to do than keep removing people from there. It's annoying because I have to like try and work it out so people swap back and forth, so removing someone involves actually like, rearranging everything and all that.
Oh yeah, the Incredible Space Dracula stories are now linked to from the fun page in the articles section.
KAPOW, I'm going to work on some fun soon!

Nov 27 2003


I was bored and I like geography. This is the result.

May 29 2003


The #VGFun party took place earlier this month in good old New York. We all got together as some of our favorite characters and met up at CosplayCon 2003. Come on and check out the pictures.


Feb 7 2003


I never got around to posting stats for December, so now you have one that is a combination of December and January. Since I'm leaving and will no longer have a computer, I will no longer be able to do the stats. Maybe Adam can take over or something.


Jan 2 2003


hi. article. idiots. go.

Dec 7 2002


Stats again. November. What did you expect. I'm too lazy to create anything cool to put here other than stats.

Nov 12 2002


We now have a new audio greeting. Check it out#GRB$!!%HH

Also, stats are up. Enjoy, Gochi.

Oct 9 2002


The quotes have been updated! check it out!

Oct 8 2002


Now we have the SEPTEMBER STATS. 8 days late and only one complaint from Gochi, amazing.

Sep 17 2002


I was looking around my hard drive and came across this dumb website I did with a couple friends about a year and a half ago for some stupid web design class. Enjoy it maybe.

Sep 4 2002


Last 3 news updates are about stats! We're the pinnacle of action! Here you go though anyway, check it out.

I'm saying this line randomly.

Aug 8 2002


Now stats for the month of JULY are up. Wasn't July an exciting month for this website. And it took me 8 days to get this up too, even with Gochi pestering me to do it. OH WELL.

Here is a present for being patient:

Baragon, the tunnelling monster

Jul 1 2002


Stats for the month of June are up. Happy Canada Day and whatever.

Jun 11 2002


this is justin updating now. the way you distinguish between jade and i is a) i don't capitalize and b) my updates ooze internet sexiness. anyway, i posted a very incriminating photo of a friend from vgmusic.com! also, we've got our kickin' domain going on now. bling bling.

Jun 8 2002


Yes! Bret "The Hitman" Hart makes a special appearance on our website as he attempts to scare a pizza person to death (927 KB).
Jun 7 2002


We've got an awesome new random image dealie going. Hopefully we can get some more cool images though because I'm not so great at making them. Adam had better get his ass in gear is what I say.

Jun 5 2002


You can see our amazing histories on irc thanks to a page justin wrote in the fun section. And yay more quotes, so stop whining. Also the web krew getz rezpects now. peace
Jun 4 2002


Big news, pirates. I added a couple more quotes and a couple more pictures.

Jun 3 2002


New pix added to less cool people page. It totally rocks now and I suggest you look at it. Also, channel stats in the fun section! Yeah! There's absolutely nothing else in the fun section yet, but at least the stats eRock on their own. Oh yeah, and one quote.
May 9 2002


I got the chat working now.